Brew Class: Aeropress  7/24/19  |  6:30-7:30p

Brew Class: Aeropress 7/24/19 | 6:30-7:30p

Brew Class: Aeropress  7/24/19  |  6:30-7:30p

Brewing a great cup of coffee combines science, technique, and practice.

Join us as we dig deeper into brewing technique for the AeroPress, giving you the tools and technique you need to achieve a coffee shop quality cup in your own home every morning.

The Aeropress is easily the most versatile coffee brewing tool on the market today. Designed by Alan Adler, who is most famous for designing the iconic Aerobie Flying Disc, the Aeropress combines full immersion brewing with pressurization and paper filtration, making it sort of a "greatest hits" of coffee brewing apparatus. It also happens to be small, portable, and virtually indestructable, making it the perfect brew tool for traveling, camping, and any other adventures you have planned.

Because the Aeropress pulls from so many different brewing formats, there are virtually limitless recipes and techniques to produce an excellent cup of coffee. To celebrate that versatility, we're bringing in friends from a number of our coffee shop partners to show off their own Aeropress technique along side our own staff. We'll all be using the same coffee, so you'll get to cruise around to each barista's station, taste what they're brewing and learn their method, then vote for your favorite!

Admission is free and there will be coffee and brewing equipment for sale if you're ready to upgrade your home coffee brewing station.

Space is limited - RSVP now to reserve your spot.