Friday Public Coffee Cupping - 10:30am - Free

What is Coffee Cupping?

Cupping coffee is how we, as coffee professionals, evaluate coffee objectively, using subjective means.

That is, to say, we use our subjective senses (taste, smell, etc.) to evaluate coffee to decide whether we like it, what we think it tastes like, what it reminds us of, whether it excites us, and so much more.

In a professional setting, cupping coffee can be incredibly formal, even arduous, so we strive to bring the process to you in such a way that you can understand the rigorous process we undertake to ensure the quality of your coffee, while still allowing you to enjoy a formal coffee tasting with friends to help you through the process.

Public Coffee Cupping is every Friday at 10:30am, excluding holidays, and is 100% free and open to the public; that means you, and all your friends. No need to register, just show up and share some great coffee with us as often as you like.



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