Saturdays, Volume Three - October 21

Tasting Tour of Kenya

Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co. invites you to join us at our Rosedale Coffee Lab for a guided tour of our favorite coffees. Taste unique preparations of new Blanchard's releases with our team. Pick up ideas for your home coffee experience, hang out and enjoy coffee with friends, grab some coffee or gear to take home.

Each ticket gets you an item from our featured breakfast guest, Nate's Bagels, and unlimited coffee with our guides, Moriah & Patrick.

This week’s event presents a coffee tasting tour of Kenya, featuring unique presentations of three exceptional washed process Kenyan coffees. Coffees from Kenya are notoriously wild, with vibrant, dynamic fruit flavors, rich body, and unexpected flavor notes. This coffee tour promises to be an exciting farewell to what has been an excellent season for fine coffees from Kenya.

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