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Rebranding Blanchard's Coffee Roasting Co.

We spend our days running around a glorified garage roasting beans, putting them into bags, and then running around town to make sure you can get great coffee at your grocery store, coffee shop, or favorite restaurant. But we’re coffee people so we don’t mind getting our hands dirty and calling it a day. Truthfully, if we touch anything else we just end up leaving grimy fingerprints everywhere. So that’s how we’ve spent our days for the past ten years.

This past year, however, was a little different. Even though it was our busiest year yet, we washed up and got our hands dirty with something new—in a figurative, and more attractive sense...

If you encounter Blanchard’s coffee in the coming weeks, you might notice somechanges. We’ve consolidated our offerings down to the best of the best, changed some names, and then put it all together in beautiful new packaging. What you’ll find is a bag of coffee that looks better than ever, and tastes as great as it always has. We are extremely excited and proud of our new look, but we’d be a bunch of dirty frauds if we didn’t tell you the rest of the story...

As we said, we are coffee people. We are not people of beauty and art and magic. So to create beautiful, magical, artistic things we needed help.

We first brought on designers Tim Skirven and Ali Croft (skirvenandcroft.com)—the dreamiest and most talented team in the biz. We can’t say enough about their tireless efforts to manifest our vision into a physical product you can see and touch. From the logo to the labels to the baddest Black Dog illustration of all time, they absolutely nailed it.

Once we had this great new brand identity we turned it over to local legend and all around American champion, Drew Dayberry (roaringpines.com). He’s one of those guys who knows what you want even when you don’t even know what you want. Confusing? Just smile and nod, just like we did when Drew walked us through the sorcery that is web development. Without him, you would be reading this blog on a piece of paper tacked to a bulletin board.

And every time you see a photo on the website, we want you to know it came from the magical lens of Kate Magee (katemagee.com). She managed to make us look good (or at least presentable) enough to grace the pages of the new website.

Since you can’t add hours to the day, and you can’t get people to stop drinking coffee, we
had to put in some early mornings and late nights with this hall of fame squad. And in the
end, we created something that we’re thrilled to have out in the community and in your

So next time you’re at the grocery store, swing down the coffee aisle and pick up a
beautiful new bag of Blanchard’s coffee. Then hang the empty bag on your fridge when
you’re finished with it. You won’t be the only one...we promise.