10-cup Wood Collar Chemex Coffeemaker

10-cup Wood Collar Chemex Coffeemaker

$ 45.00
Introduced in 1941, the Chemex Coffeemaker is a unique coffee brewing device in that it is equally important for its artistic design value as its function as a brew method. Peter Schlunbohm, an accomplished designer and inventor, developed the Chemex Coffee maker as a project intersecting form, function, and product marketing.
Conceived in the Bauhaus style, combining form, function, and purity, the Chemex was both elegant and simply useful. In fact, in 1942 it was featured on the cover of the Museum of Modern Art's 'Useful Objects in Wartime' publication.
The Chemex Coffeemaker quickly became the darling of both home coffee brewers and art and design critics and elites. Still, to this day, the Chemex is on permanent display in a number of art and design museums, most notably, New York's Museum of Modern Art, making it likely one of the few items you'd find on the counter of many average homes as well as the guarded halls some of the worlds finest artistic institutions.
As a brewing method, the Chemex Coffeemaker is especially unique in its use of bonded paper filters, designed by, and proprietary to the Chemex. The bonded paper filters are far heavier than most other paper coffee filters. This leads to much more of the coffee's acids and oils being absorbed by the paper in the brewing process. That is juxtaposed by the conical shape of the brew cone which focuses the extraction, leading to a very clean, soft, yet focused cup of coffee. Fruit flavors tend to be less vibrant while maintaining clarity and balanced sweetness.
We suggest a compare and contrast approach with the Chemex. Brew the same coffee with the Chemex and the Hario V60 and note how similar shaped brew cones perform differently using different filter media. The Chemex Coffeemaker is also a perfect hand pour option for brewing several cups of coffee at once.