$ 35.00

The AeroPress, designed and manufactured by the same company that brought  you the Frisbee, is a must-have for every coffee enthusiast.

AeroPress, on its face, is an immersion brewer - meaning the coffee grinds are fully immersed in water throughout the extraction. But wait... it could also be used as a hybrid filter brewer, and with elements of a siphon, with a filter. It is tough to put the AeroPress in any one box - which is one of many reasons you should own one. Here are a few more:

-Nearly impossible to break, so great for travel.
-Small and portable, so great for travel, offices, camping, etc.
-Bizarre looking to your non-coffee-enthusiast friends.
-Unlimited possibilities for brew technique; get creative.

AeroPress is a great brew method for just about any coffee, from juicy fruit-bombs to savory-sweet, structured coffees.