Finca La Cristalina Red Bourbon

$ 30.00

284g bag

Farmer: Luis Jose Valdes
Farm: La Cristalina
Origin: Caldas, Colombia
Variety: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1650masl
Process: Natural Process

Coffee Story

Finca La Cristalina is located in the Caldas region, south of Medellín in western Colombia. La Cristalina is one of three farms that make up the larger estate owned and operated by four generations of the Valdes family. The majority of the Valdes family's coffee production has been geared towards the higher volume commodities market for years, but Luis Jose has recently focused on developing coffees harvested from the La Cristalina farm for the specialty coffee market. The Red Bourbon variety, less common in Colombia, paired with mechanically dried natural processing, produces a wild, fruit-forward coffee with a vibrant, malic acidity that finishes clean and crisp.


Brewing Notes

Colombia Finca La Cristalina is an intensely fruity coffee with tons of crisp, malic acidity. It is best brewed with hand pour methods like the Hario V60. This coffee was our own John Kruegler's competition coffee for Coffee Championships National Competition. Click on the story below to learn more about that competition and John's competition recipe.