Oscar and Francisca Chacon of Finca La Julia and Las Lajas Micromill are third generation coffee growers known for their commitment to quality, sustainable agriculture, and innovative harvesting and processing techniques.

The Chacons personally oversee all aspects of coffee production on the farm and at the Micromill. Recognizing that the inconsistent Costa Rican climate paired with newer varietals can mean a wide variation in ripeness coloration of coffee cherries, they rely heavily on refractometer Brix readings to assess sugar levels in cherries to determine ripeness. On average, the Chacons harvest at around a 22º Brix reading.

The Chacons became the first producers of honey process and natural process coffees in Costa Rica in 2008 when an earthquake cut off the mill's access to water, making it impossible to produce washed process coffees. Since then, they have become leaders in the nation for high quality honey and natural process coffees, as well as experimental variations like the Yellow Diamond featured in this coffee.


Yellow Diamond is an augmentation of the Chacons' standard Yellow Honey Process where the pergamino is still turned hourly on raised beds in the sun, but its time in the sun is extended and even more meticulous care is taken to ensure even drying. 

Brighter coffees like this Costa Rican are best brewed with filter hand pour methods like Hario V60 or Kalita Wave.