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Bensa Segera Kenyan

Mandarin Orange · Red Currant · Black Tea
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If you’ve been following us for a while, or at least since last year, you probably remember the Bensa Kokosa - a process collection from Red Fox that really challenged what we thought we knew about Ethiopian coffee. This year we purchased three coffees from a neighboring washing station, Bensa Segera, that have again left us speechless. The three processes include a washed, a natural, and a Kenyan process - each of which take an element of what you expect and then go a step further. 

The Bensa Segera Kenyan process, to be frank, is an incredible coffee. From the moment the coffee is ground, it is clear that what you are about to make is different. It has the intensity of a Kenyan coffee, the delicate complexity of a gesha, and the crisp clarity of an Ethiopian coffee. When the coffee is hot, the flavors are loud - most of our notes included reduced fruits or jams. As it cools, those big flavors mellow into sweeter mandarin with a clean black tea finish.


Bensa Logita, Moplaco


Sidamo, Bensa Segera


Ethiopia Landraces Variety


2100-2300 masl