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El Obraje Colibrí Blend

Pink Lemonade · Sweet Tea · Mandarin Orange
$ 16.25
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We’ve worked closely with Pablo Guerrero at El Obraje for a number of years. His coffee represents one of our staple single origins and one of our core blends (Handshake). We have competed with his Gesha on at least a dozen stages both regionally and nationally. This year, facing the changing market caused by Covid, Pablo found himself with a harvest of Gesha that he knew would be difficult to sell. He decided instead to blend his excess Gesha and with the Maracaturra coffee which grows alongside his Gesha trees. The coffees have similar ripening times, making it easy to harvest and blend the two right off the trees. The final blend is about 73% Gesha and 27% Maracaturra. Though I imagine the choice to do so wasn’t a simple one, Pablo was able to mitigate what could have been a considerable loss. The Colibrí blend, Spanish for hummingbird, presents the black tea and bright citrus of the Gesha, complemented by the rich honey and sugary florals in the Maracaturra.


Pablo Guerrero


El Obraje


Nariño, Colombia


Gesha, Maracaturra