Holiday Blend / 30 Pack

Candied Orange  ·  Pecan Pie  ·  Cherry

Origin: African and Latin American
Process: Washed Process 

Now available in Gift Giving Bundles, allowing you to save up to 25% off, when you buy in bulk to ensure you always have gifts ready for last minute parties or something for everyone in the office this holiday season. 

Gift Giving Bundle Size Savings Price
6 bags 10% $70
15 bags 15% $165
30 bags 20% $310
50 bags 25% $485


Coffee Story
Brewing Notes

A joyous blend of African and South American coffees to help you celebrate simple pleasures this holiday season. Coffee is best when shared with friends and family, so no matter how you celebrate during the holidays, brew a pot and share it with the ones you love.

As a medium roast with a full body and a robust flavors, Holiday Blend is ideal for French Press or traditional automatic drip coffee makers.