Kolla Bolcha

The town of Agaro is the hub for some of our favorite coffees from Ethiopia.  Ethiopia produces some of the cleanest washed coffees, but what is especially impressive about this one is that the mouthfeel is luxurious and syrupy.    

It’s almost like drinking a cola.  When cupping through samples from Agaro, the Kolla Bolcha was once again a standout.  This is our third harvest we’ve purchased from Kolla Bolcha, and it’s reminding us of how much we loved it when we first tried it.  One of the most exciting things about this coffee is how the tasting notes evolve and open up as the coffee ages. This coffee is a great example of a high quality coffee that gets better with time. This coffee has a great structured acidity with notes of Yellow Apple and Meyer Lemon, with a deep sweetness like that of Cola.


Jimma, Agaro Gera




Ethiopia Landraces


Kolla Bolcha Washing Station




1900 - 2200m