La Batea

$ 17.80
Tasting Notes

Concord Grape



Coffee Story

For the past few years, we’ve asked our friends at Campesino Coffee to send us a little bit of everything interesting they can find from the farms near Jerico in Antioquia, Colombia. Some of the most exciting coffees we’ve cupped over the years have come from Daniel Velasquez’s “exotics” collection, and this year was no exception. The first of these to be released is the La Batea from Finca La Luisa. This coffee stood out on the cupping table for its complex depth of flavor. Our cupping notes for this coffee contain descriptions like pop tarts as a kid, fruit by the foot, and remember strawberries? Describing this coffee as complex is the easiest way to explain how something can taste like childhood and a memory of strawberries - we only have so much space on our bags for nostalgia.


Ciudad Bolívar, Colombia


Velez Family


La Luisa


1800 masl


Carbonic Maceration


Red and Yellow Caturra