Los Romerillos Washed

Prior to working in coffee, I was detached from the reality of different origins having harvests at different times of year. What do you mean I can’t have that fruit bomb Kenyan coffee I love year round? During this season fresh green coffee is more difficult to come by, with only a handful of origins offering fresh harvests in winter. Peru is one of the few.

The Los Romerillos Washed hails from the San Ignacio province in Cajamarca, which is situated in northwestern Peru. This coffee is produced by Luis Maycooll Chinguel Velasquez, a young, third generation coffee farmer. Luis has been involved in his family’s coffee farm from a young age, and now runs the Los Romerillos farm with his older brother. The Los Romerillos farm is around three hectares in size and  exclusively produces washed lots. The ripest cherries are handpicked and then transported to a wet mill they have on site. The cherries are left in Grainpro bags for 48hrs, get depulped, are repacked in Grainpro for 48hrs more, and then gets washed. The coffee is then transferred to raised beds to dry for anywhere from 12-18 days, until it reaches ideal moisture levels.

The resulting cup is sweet and cozy. Up front it presents with fresh apple and warm spice notes, and then transitions into sappy sweet notes like dark honey or panela. The finish is lasting with complex earthy notes like rooibos and black sesame. It took me longer to see the shine in Peruvian coffees than I’d like to admit. If given the chance they can offer fresh acidity, deep sweetness, and complex savory notes while remaining balanced and approachable. It’s just the right cup of coffee to get you through the tail end of winter.

Alyssa Evangelista

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Cajamarca, Peru






El Romerillo


Luis Maycooll Chinguel Velasquez


1914 masl