Teshome Gemechu

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Passion Fruit

Coffee Story
I grew up with David Blanchard. He is a few years older than me, so we weren’t exactly “friends”, but we knew each other well. When I was 19 he asked me to come see what he had been doing with coffee. We went to the roastery and I was blown away by the machines, smells, and processes of the operation, but that wasn’t what hooked me into asking for a job. The second stop that day was a cafe that was serving his coffee. Ellwood’s cafe. He ordered me a cup of coffee from a spaceship-looking-coffee maker called a Clover. It was $4 and it was a small 8oz cup of coffee. It all seemed a bit pretentious, but then I tasted the coffee. It was an Ethiopian coffee, and that was the hook. My perception of coffee was shattered in one sip and I have been working with him ever since - thirteen years. I still remember that cup vividly. It took me years to realize what I tasted, but I never forgot this experience for which I had no words.

Most coffee industry origin stories begin this way. An Ethiopian coffee comes in and changes the rest of your life. It is romantic but very real.

I am not saying this coffee will change your life. But, it might.

The Teshome Gemechu Washing Station is supporting a collection of smallholder farmers who are either harvesting from forested areas where coffee is naturally growing “Forest Conditions” or from cultivated plots near their residence “Garden Conditions”. It is a beautiful coffee with seemingly infinite complexity. As long as you can pay attention this coffee will continue to reveal itself.

-Seth Bauserman “General Manager”


Gedeb, Ethiopia


Smallholder Farmers


Teshome Gemechu Washing Station


1900 - 2200m




74110, Dega, Wolisho