Haro Welabu

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Tasting Notes


Blood Orange

Pink Peppercorn

Coffee Story
Haro Welabu is a naturally processed coffee that hails from the Guji region of Ethiopia. We got this coffee in from our friends at Red Fox, and it is the second time we've had it on our roster. Today's Haru Welabu is a departure from yester-years in that they are processed a little bit differently. Our previous release of this coffee was an anaerobic natural process, versus this year’s which is a classic natural process. The main difference between the two is that with anaerobic naturals, the cherries are placed in sealed tanks to ferment without oxygen. This style of fermentation yields a really distinct flavor profile with a higher acidity. The classic natural process is when coffee is dried with the cherries intact. Both types produce exciting, more fruit forward coffees. They are the type of coffees that can get you to question the possibilities of what a brew can taste like.

Onto this year's Haro Welabu–let's boogie! You can spout off flavor notes for this coffee all day long. It is bursting with fresh fruit and red florals, but has this unquestionable funk that'll leave you scratching your head. In the cup it presents with a lot of red and orange fruits, savory undertones, and complex florals. Each time we've tasted it I've gotten hibiscus, blood orange, orange wine, sumac, and pink peppercorn. The tactile experience for this coffee is full, juicy, and coating. The body compliments the bold fruit flavors, and carries the sweetness. It's so dynamic it comes off as a shapeshifter, where if blindfolded you could have me thinking this was a Kenyan or a Colombian coffee. A wild ride that still affords an approachable cup. We've had a few other Ethiopian coffees on the menu the past couple months, but this one is shaping up to be my favorite Ethiopian of the summer.


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