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Coffee Story

In our experience, a cup of decaf can be the most perfect beverage we drink in a day. Whether we're not ready to put down our coffee cup (but really should) or looking for the perfect pairing for a slice of cake too close to bedtime, a cup of Decaf Blend is exactly right. Roasted to complement any minimally caffeinated endeavor, Decaf blend is a little bit sweet with just enough chocolate to make it worth double dipping your cookie in.  


What's in a name?

You may have noticed a small change on our decaffeinated coffee labels over the past few days. Swiss Water Process Decaf Brazil has now become, simply, Decaf.

Why the change? What does it mean? Is the coffee different?

All valid questions with one answer for them all.

We made the change because we wanted to begin sourcing from several different clean, chemical-free decaffeinated coffee producers instead of a single farm. This allows us to maintain a flavor profile and a level of quality throughout the year without running the risk of not being able to source a specific green coffee due to potential supply chain issues. So our Decaf is now a blend, and frankly it is better than it has ever been.

Why do we even care? Its just decaf, right? Well, someone once said that a roaster’s decaf should always be an excellent cup of coffee because decaf drinkers must be your most loyal customers since all they’re getting out of the experience is the flavor of the cup of coffee. That has always stuck with us and we’ve always worked to make sure our decaf coffee tastes great and makes a cup of coffee we can be proud of.

We can’t wait for you to try our new Decaf, so grab a late-night cup and let us know what you think.