Holiday Blend

$ 15.00
There’s no denying that the holiday season is our favorite time of the year. With cooler weather, extra time with family and friends, parties, gifts exchanged; coffee and the holidays just go hand in hand. The holiday season is also a time to reflect on the year past, and in a lot of ways, thats what our yearly Holiday Blend release is for us - a chance to look back and remember our favorite coffees of the year and the producers who brought them to us.

Each year we set aside certain coffees and producers to create a blend that is both intriguing and familiar, intense and smooth, comforting and exciting, and always begging you to have another cup. This year’s blend is comprised of a honey process coffee from Finca La Concepcion in Honduras, and a both a washed and natural process coffee from Catelan de las Mercedes in Guatemala. As always, this year’s Holiday Blend is one of our favorite releases of the year; the perfect cup to share with family and friends after a holiday meal, or quietly by a warm fire. 

Like the coffee itself, each year we design a new bag to celebrate the season and the year leading up to it. This year’s design is all about cheer, joy, and nostalgic celebration, and its the perfect gift to give or receive. We’re wishing you all the best this holiday season and into the new year, and we’re so proud to share this special coffee with you.