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Bensa Segera Washed

Kiwi · Passion Fruit · Chamomile
$ 16.41
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If you’ve been following us for a while, or at least since last year, you probably remember the Bensa Kokosa - a process collection from Red Fox that really challenged what we thought we knew about Ethiopian coffee. This year we purchased three coffees from a neighboring washing station, Bensa Segera, that have again left us speechless. The three processes include a washed, a natural, and a Kenyan process - each of which take an element of what you expect and then go a step further. 

The Bensa Segera Washed process provides us with the formula that will be repeated in the other two processes. It begins bright and sweet with a burst of passion fruit carried by a silky smooth body to finish gently like the first sip of a chamomile tea.


Bensa Logita, Moplaco


Sidamo, Bensa Segera


Ethiopia Landraces Variety


2100-2300 masl