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El Obraje Gesha Natural

Pomegranate · Hibiscus · Mulled Wine
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Finca El Obraje sits high in the mountains near Tangua in the Nariño Department of Colombia. Pablo Guererra and his family have been working these 92 hectares for many years, farming wheat and grains until the Colombian government started importing these goods. Pablo began planting coffee in 2000. By 2009 he was building his own mill and planting specialty varieties, starting with caturra and gesha. At such high elevations, temperature and moisture can make growing coffee difficult and uncertain, but with low-density shade trees, mechanical oven dryers, as well as raised bed solar dryers, Pablo and his coffees have managed to adapt to their conditions. 

We first purchased coffee from Pablo in 2016 when we found ourselves in a pinch for a washed Colombian coffee for a blend. Our contact at Ally at the time assured us he had just what we needed so we agreed to 10 bags of Caturra, without cupping it, to fill the gap. When it arrived and we started roasting and drinking it, we immediately went back to lock down another 80 bags. Later that year, we purchased about a hundred pounds of Pablo’s washed Gesha, which marks a turning point for our understanding of what coffee can be. 

We purchased Pablo’s first lot of Natural Process Gesha three years ago, giving us the opportunity to present both extraordinary coffees side by side. The natural process brings out an array of flavors from the Gesha that further highlight the quality of the variety as well as the unique conditions of El Obraje. This coffee is bright and exciting - starting with the sour punch of pomegranate and finishing with the warming spice of mulled wine.


Pablo Guerrero


El Obraje


Nariño, Colombia