Finca El Obraje Gesha Natural Process

Finca El Obraje Gesha Natural Process

Blackberry  ·  Pomegranate  ·  Lavender
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Farmer: Pablo Guerrero

Farm: El Obraje

Origin: Nariño, Colombia

Varieties: Gesha

Altitude: 2100masl

Process: Natural Process

The El Obraje Estate is situated in the Nariño Department of Western Colombia, bordering Equador and the Pacific Ocean. The region's geography is ideal for high grown Arabica coffee cultivation, with the El Obraje estate, in particular, at an impressive 2100m above sea level. Estate owner, Pablo Guerrero, originally converted the farm from an apple orchard to a thriving coffee farm, becoming one of the first growers to pioneer coffee cultivation in this region. The area, since, has become more coffee-focused, with a number of small holder coffee producing families.

The farm primarily produces high quality Caturra, Typica, and Castillo varieties, but Guerrero's success with the finicky Geisha variety has led to a great deal of success and exposure in the specialty coffee market.

This is the third season we have sourced and roasted the El Obraje Gesha as a compliment to the standard El Obraje we have offered throughout the year for six seasons. This is the first year farm owner, Pablo Guerrero experimented with a natural process Gesha. The natural process Gesha is jammy, with candy-like fruit flavors and a rich, chocolatey body.

Fruit-forward coffees like the Colombia Finca El Obraje Gesha are best brewed with filter hand pour methods like Hario V60 or Kalita Wave