The Finca San Jose Estate is situated just north of Matagalpa in North-Central Nicaragua. This area is the most desirable coffee farming land in Nicaragua due to its altitude and climate diversity. The topography creates numerous microclimates that allow single hillsides to have distinct growing conditions conducive to many different coffee varietals and a wide range of results within those varietals. Finca San Jose is divided into four sectors, each producing different results, allowing us to source specific sectors to isolate specific flavor characteristics.

Traditionally, most coffees in Nicaragua are processed using the wet, or washed processing method, where coffee cherry and pulp are milled and washed off of the seed soon after harvest. This process yields clean, consistent, refined coffee flavors, and is common throughout Central and South American coffee growing regions. Through our close partnership with Finca San Jose, we recognized the potential in producing a unique Nicaraguan coffee using natural processing, where coffee cherries are allowed to sun-dry on the seed, much like a raisin or prune. This process produces much more pronounced fruit flavors, while adding deep, chocolate body and hints of winey fermentation. This process takes much more time and great care to prevent mold or over-fermentation. The results from our first run of Natural Process Finca San Jose de las Nubes are exceptional. The coffee is rich, cakey, and full of fruit and wine flavors, while still maintaining balance and clarity. This coffee is a perfect example of the benefits of a trust-based partnership between coffee growers and roasters.

Nicaragua Finca San Jose de las Nubes is an exceptionally drinkable coffee no matter what brew method is used. Automatic drip coffee makers work well with this coffee, while hand pour methods like Hario V60, Chemex, and Kalita Wave will bring out even more complexity of flavor.