Coffee Story

 The Kevote Coffee Factory is located in Embu County, roughly 150km north of Nairobi on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. The Kirurumwe Farmers Cooperative Society consists of 4,500 farm members and operates three wet mills including Kevote, Kianjuki, and Ngaindethia.

The Kevote AA is processed using the typical Kenya Washed Process where hand-selected ripe cherries are harvested and pulped, the parchment is dry fermented and then washed before being set out to dry on raised beds. 

The "AA" distinction refers to the size of screens used to sort coffees - "AA" is the largest screen used in the sorting process. Though not directly related to quality measure, the larger bean size of "AA" and "AB" sorted coffees is a common corollary.

The Kevote AA is crisp and clean with distinctive citrus, citrus zest, and floral honey notes, while the coffee maintains a rich raspberry aroma.


Brewing Notes

Complex coffees like the Kevote AA are best brewed with filter hand pour methods like Hario V60 or Kalita Wave.