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Kibingo Natural

Dark Chocolate · Açai Berry · Raisin
$ 16.10
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This summer we received a group of Burundi samples from Collaborative Coffee Source that left us completely speechless. We managed to narrow our choices down to four coffees totaling over 40 bags. We experienced a number of delays and setbacks, which is not an uncommon occurrence for coffee leaving Burundi and certainly was not helped by a pandemic. So at long last, we are ready to introduce these coffees to our lineup. 

Just under half of the coffee we purchased from Burundi came from Kibingo Central Washing Station. We chose the Kibingo for its ability to stand out however it is brewed as well as its ability to pair well in a blend with other coffees. This natural Red Bourbon is incredibly versatile with deep dried fruit sugar as a backbone for its more showy rhubarb and acai berry flavors.


Kibingo Washing Station


Smallholder Farms


Kayanza, Burundi


Red Bourbon


1700-1900 m