Catalan de las Mercedes Orange Bourbon

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Tasting Notes


Poached Pear

Orange Blossom

Coffee Story
Nico Hammond’s farm in San Martin Jilotepeque has been a special place to us for several years now. Catalan de las Mercedes is one of the most beautiful places our green buyer, Seth, has ever visited. Until recently, Nico’s washed process Orange Bourbon was the only coffee we sourced from the farm. In 2020, Nico had some difficulties with contracts falling through in the midst of Covid, so we had the opportunity to strengthen our partnership by committing to more of his coffee. This is the second year we’ve been able to fill an entire container with coffee from Catalan de las Mercedes which includes all of our old favorites as well as some new varieties and processes, including our oldest favorite, Orange Bourbon. This coffee has always been incredibly balanced and this year’s harvest makes no exception. The acidity starts off very mellow like a ripe pear, with seasonal notes of apple butter, and finishes with the creaminess of a cashew.


San Martin Jilotepeque, Chimaltenango


Nico Hammond and Ruth Maria de las Angeles Martinez


Catalan de las Mercedes






Orange Bourbon