Karindundu AB

$ 18.05
Tasting Notes

Red Grape


Black Tea

Coffee Story

This coffee comes to us by way of the Karindundu Coffee Factory in Nyeri, Kenya, receiving coffee cherries from roughly 400 local farmers. Kenya is known for extremely clean coffees that result from the typical 72 hour washed process which involves 3 separate fermentations followed by a fresh water wash leaving the final washed parchment free of any residual coffee mucilage and resulting in a crystal-clean cup of coffee. Coffee factories in Kenya use a size classification system (AA,AB,PB, etc.) to group coffees together creating some consistency amongst potentially different coffees. This has been a common practice in Kenya for some time, and though size can be a corollary to overall quality in some cases, the classification system is not intended to rank one coffee above or below the other. The Karindundu AB is a layered cup with notes of Red Grape, Hibiscus, and Black Tea.


Nyeri, Kenya


Small Shareholders


Barichu Cooperative Society


1700 - 1800 m




SL 28, SL 34, Batian, Ruiri