Muda Tatesa

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Coffee Story
I grew up with David Blanchard. He is a few years older than me, so we weren’t exactly “friends”, but we knew each other well. When I was 19 he asked me to come see what he had been doing with coffee. We went to the roastery and I was blown away by the machines, smells, and processes of the operation, but that wasn’t what hooked me into asking for a job. The second stop that day was a cafe that was serving his coffee. Ellwood’s cafe. He ordered me a cup of coffee from a spaceship-looking-coffee maker called a Clover. It was $4 and it was a small 8oz cup of coffee. It all seemed a bit pretentious, but then I tasted the coffee. It was an Ethiopian coffee, and that was the hook. My perception of coffee was shattered in one sip and I have been working with him ever since. 13 years. I still remember that cup vividly. It took me years to realize what I tasted, but I never forgot this experience for which I had no words.

Most coffee industry origin stories begin this way. An Ethiopian coffee, usually sun dried, comes in and changes the rest of your life. It is romantic but very real.
I am not saying this coffee will change your life. But, it might. Grown at 2,300masl in the forests of Guji, Ethiopia, and sun dried to accentuate all of the fruit characteristics. It is intense and nuanced at the same time. Notes of lavender and pansy up front are soon followed by a super fruity body of blueberry and fresh peach.
We sourced this coffee through our good friends at Red Fox who constantly impress me with their knowledge and expertise sourcing coffees from Ethiopia.


Guji Region, Ethiopia


Smallholder Farmers








Ethiopian Landraces