Blanchard’s Blend

Balanced  ·  Cocoa  ·  Caramel
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Origin: South American
Blend Process: Natural Process

Brewing Notes

The everyman's coffee. Sometimes you just want a great, hot cup of coffee - no frills - just a mug of something that wakes you up, warms you up, and perhaps takes you back to some pleasant memory. We know that many of the best coffee memories aren't about complex flavor notes, they're simply about sharing a good cup of coffee with a friend. Blanchard's Blend was designed with all of this in mind - a straight forward medium roast coffee that fits most situations and pleases most palates.  


Coffee Story

As a medium roast with a full body and intense sweetness, Blanchard's Blend is ideal for French Press or traditional automatic drip coffee makers. It also makes an excellent cold brew.