Summer dies hard here in Virginia, but like all things, it must come to an end. As we enter the precipice of the new season, I bring you 3 coffees to guide you through the gradual transition.

To start, we have an amazing example of the duality of modern high quality Mexican coffee. Santa Maria is one of the first of the fresh crop lots to arrive from Oaxaca, and it's quickly become one of my personal favorites on our roster. While hot, Ocotlan presents very much like a typical Oaxacan coffee; graham cracker, honey, nutmeg. As it cools, a clementine sweetness and fresh apple juice flavor enter the picture. I find this transition very interesting and I can’t get enough. Enjoy Santa Maria first thing on a cool morning and let it be a perfect allegory for early fall.

Muda Tatesa is a coffee that will feel immediately familiar to long time friends. Even though this is our first year roasting this particular lot from the Guji region of Ethiopia, it has a profile that is very reminiscent of well loved coffees of years past. Coffee is a native plant in Ethiopia and this lot is produced from coffee plants that are wild, more or less. I love holding this idea next to all of the wonderful native fruit ripening around town. Figs, passion fruit, pawpaws, blackberries; going on a walk by the river is a palette development exercise of its own. Don’t be surprised if you notice some of these flavors within the Muda Tatesa.

On any adventure, it’s good to have a safe place to return to. Basecamp is named after this idea. After the previous coffees, going back and drinking something that tastes unmistakably like coffee is a refreshing experience. This blend is roasted significantly darker, and tastes like sitting around a campfire laughing with old friends while roasting marshmallows with crunchy exteriors and molten centers. Enjoy the ride.

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