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Our Story


Coffee is a social beverage. Around it forms conversation, relationships, and creativity. We see the opportunity to produce coffee as a special privilege, and place high value in the relationships it helps us develop. From our origin farmers to our customers to providing coffee education to our community, these people are the reason we do what we do.


At every stage of our process we place emphasis on transparency. We think it’s important that you, as a customer, know where your coffee comes from, how it’s roasted, and that it’s all done with passion and integrity. We actively seek out the best farms and farmers from around the world to establish strong working relationships, with a goal to be the only hands between the farm and your home.

We roast your coffee in small batches with a thoughtful balance between art and science, observation and intuition. Applying modern technology to traditional hands-on technique allows us to bring out the best qualities in your coffee, every single time.


The world loves coffee. Some like it light, some like it dark, and some like it with a little cream and sugar. We’re not here to tell you what coffee to drink and how to drink it. We’re just here to make sure that every type of coffee lover can experience the freshest, tastiest cup of coffee—and that’s a pretty hefty task. So we’ll leave the baking to the bakers, the sandwiches to the sandwich makers, and put all our energy into what we do best—roasting great coffee.




Blanchard’s Coffee Roasting Company is a certified organic craft coffee roaster based in Richmond, Virginia since 2005.