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Aquiares Anaerobic Natural

Dried Blueberry · Cherry · Raspberry Jam
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Aquiares Estate is one of the oldest and largest coffee farms in Costa Rica. At 130 years old and housing 1800 people, it is easy to say that the history of Aquiares and their approach to coffee is vastly influential. Aquiares has made equity and sustainability it’s focus since Alfredo Robelo took over the farm in 1980, allowing farm workers to own the homes they lived in on the farm giving them ownership of the coffee they produced as well. His son, Diego Robelo has expanded that focus toward the farm’s environmental impact, maintaining a Carbon Neutral Certification from the International Panel on Climate Change, as well as innovating in agricultural management with new varieties and processes. 


Diego Robelo


Aquiares Estate


Turrialba, Costa Rica


H1 Centroamericano F1 Hybrid




Anaerobic Natural

Their Centroamericano Anaerobic Natural process is an excellent example of innovation. Using a hybrid designed to resist leaf rust, anaerobic fermentation tanks, and solar dryers, Robelo has produced a coffee that tastes designed - simultaneously sappy and rich while also pointedly sour, like a handful of sour cherries.