Coffee Story

The Georgalis family is well known in the Ethiopian coffee community. Yiannis Georgalis migrated from Greece to Ethiopia during WWII and became deeply embedded in Ethiopia's Orthodox community. The Georgalis family was already closely connected to the coffee community and continued that tradition in their new home. Yiannis began working in coffee at age 12 and helped grow his family's reputation and influence as coffee growers and processors. When Yiannis died, his daughter, Heleanna, an investment banker, decided to return to Ethiopia and continue her father's farming and milling operation in order to keep the land in the family.

Today Heleanna is renowned for the quality of coffee she produces and her willingness to experiment and push boundaries in coffee processing. Her innovative use of the "Kenya" process, a variation of the traditional washed process that focuses on water conservation, produces a unique augmentation of familiar washed process coffees from the same region. The coffee is de-pulped and set to ferment in cement holding tanks for roughly 36 hours without the addition of water. In addition to conserving water, this process adds depth and a distinct spiciness to the coffee.

The coffee is unusually crisp and clean for a natural process. Floral notes meet dark citrus flavors of blood orange and lime zest, with a body and mouth-feel of very ripe cantaloupe.


Brewing Notes

Fruit-forward coffees like the Bensa Kokosa are best brewed with filter hand pour methods like Hario V60 or Kalita Wave.