Chelbesa Teshome

$ 19.00
Tasting Notes

White Peach


Wildflower Honey

Coffee Story
It’s cozy coffee season. We’re swapping out iced coffees for a large drip, and we’re reaching for hearty roasts over their light, bright, floral counterparts. To me, a cold-weather coffee is rich, sweet, and full bodied. It’s something I don’t have to think about, and I could drink cup after cup. Around the roastery coffees that fall into this category are affectionately described as ‘big time chuggers’. The Ethiopia Chelbesa Teshome is the complete opposite. This coffee is a breath of fresh air.

This is the second time we have featured the Teshome on our roster, and this year's harvest is just as beautiful as the last. Maybe even more so. The Teshome hails from the Gedeb region of Ethiopia, and at first sip drinks like a textbook washed Ethiopian, but it’s anything but. In the cup the first thing that will hit you is the flavor and sweetness of fresh stone fruits. It's got it all - peaches, nectarines, and mangoes. Somewhere in the middle, stone fruit shifts to citrus and wildflower honey. And in the end you’re left with nuanced florals and tea notes.This coffee has poise. The Teshome is a smooth sipper you don’t need to think a whole lot about. If you do find yourself sipping slowly and thoughtfully you’ll begin to notice how complex the Teshome is. It’s the sort of coffee where if you blink you might just miss it.




Smallholder Farmers


Teshome Gemechu Washing Station






74110, Dega, Wolisho