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featuring coffees from Finca El Ocaso, Colombia

Finca El Ocaso is located just outside the historic town of Salento, in the Quindío department of Colombia. The estate, owned and operated by Gustavo Patino, rests on a lush Andes mountainside at 1900 meters above sea level - perfect conditions for high quality coffee production. Gustavo and his wife Gloria are avid naturalists, taking pride in the biodiversity of El Ocaso. Gloria loves flowers and keeps the 19th century farmhouse and surrounding grounds awash in blooms. This benefits Gustavo, who is an avid birder and photographer, and can often be found pointing out toucans and humming birds to the travelers who stop by the farm on their way in and out of Salento.

Washed Process - Classico
Dates, Fuji Apple, Brown Sugar

The Washed Process is a coffee processing method where freshly harvested coffee cherries are milled to remove the outer skin of the fruit. The milled parchment-encased seeds are allowed to rest in large tanks for a short time, allowing the sugar-rich pulp to begin fermentation before the seeds are washed, sorted by density and set out on stone patios or raised beds to dry. Washed Process coffees are known for clarity of acidity and complexity of flavor.

Rosé, Pink Lady Apple, Lemon Basil

The 18/18 process is the result of several years of collaboration and experimentation with Finca El Ocaso. This experimental process employs fermentation concepts similar to those used in wine making - specifically - carbonic maceration. The term 18/18 refers to two stages of fermentation: the first directly after harvest where the cherries undergo anaerobic fermentation in a sealed container for 18 hours. The fruit is then pulped from the seed, and a traditional pulp fermentation takes place for an additional 18 hours until the coffee is ready to be washed. The addition of the anaerobic fermentation cycle imparts both complexity and clarity, transforming an excellent coffee into something even more special.

 Natural Process
Raspberry, Winesap Apple, Champagne

The Natural Process is the oldest method of processing coffee, where freshly harvested coffee cherries are immediately placed on stone patios or raised beds, fully intact, to dry in the sun much like raisins or prunes. The fruit dries onto the seed, imparting its flavor and sweetness, while also undergoing some fermentation, resulting in coffee that is somewhat unpredictable in flavor, but full of fruit notes, a subdued acidity, and a chocolatey body. Finca El Ocaso employs the aid of mechanical drying for this process, forcing dry air heated to just over 100º F over the cherries, expediting the drying time which leads to more crispness and clarity in flavor.

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