Don Victor Java

This is our second of three new varieties to us coming from our partner Don Victor and his farm El Mirador in Tolima, Colombia. First was Maragogype. Second is the smaller but equally exciting Java. A word synonymous with coffee for more than one reason, Java is a variety genetically traced back to the Ethiopia landrace, Abysinia. It was first brought to the island of Java, from Ethiopia, by the Dutch in the 19th century. It was introduced to Costa Rica in 1991 and has slowly spread across Latin America since. With similar characteristics to the Gesha it is a high altitude thriving, low yield producing, and high quality performing cup of coffee. 

It has many fruit cocktail characteristics. A syrupy sweetness surrounding a collection of complimenting fruits. Pear, tangerine, and cherry come together to form a very approachable, light body, and complex cup of coffee.


Tolima, Colombia






Finca El Mirador


Don Victor


1830 masl