El Diviso Pink Bourbon Honey

$ 20.75
Tasting Notes

Star Fruit



Coffee Story

The Blanchard’s team are suckers for a Pink Bourbon variety from Colombia. Somehow this is where our cumulative palate has landed, so when our new friends at Forest Coffee, out of Bogota Colombia, sent us a sample of this coffee, we knew we had to have it. The coffee is produced by Wilder and Segundo Lasso at Finca El Diviso, a farm that is a first time partner of ours in San Agustin, Huila, Colombia.

On the cupping table we found a beautiful, straight forward, fruit salad. First taste is obviously sweet, fresh, and well balanced, but if you are patient and really sit with this coffee, there are a lot more nuanced flavor characteristics that will start to emerge. You will find a beautiful medley of fruit that you can parse out and admire singularly, or you can sit back and enjoy a well-balanced treat. It is clean and clear – a perfect reminder of why we have fallen head over heels for this variety/origin combination.