El Mirador Gesha

We don’t always save the best for last. More often than not, our enthusiasm gets the best of us and we begin the work of releasing new coffees the moment the forklift sets them down on the roastery floor. This go around we couldn’t help but pace ourselves. This is the final release from our early year container, courtesy of the ever prolific, Daniel Velasquez of Campesino coffee. This last offering is a gesha variety produced by Don Victor at the well beloved El Mirador Farm in the village of San Agustín. It’s a farm we’ve come to love for their distinct, juicy and sweet single variety lots. 

As always with Don Victor, this coffee was treated to a bespoke amalgamation of processing techniques. Beginning with a 36 hour anaerobic fermentation in cherry, and subsequently depulped. Before being put out to dry for 20 days with the sticky fruit mucilage still in tact. The processing elevates the intensity of the tropical fruit and floral character in the cup, without muddying things. This coffee also has this deep and intricate sweetness that ranges from confectionary to a yellow mango in peak season.








El Mirador


Don Victor


1,750 to 1,830 masl