El Obraje

Finca El Obraje is ideally situated between 2,000-2,3000 masl. Pablo was one of the first people to farm coffee in this region after spending many difficult years trying to grow and sell wheat and apples. It was thought locally that it was too high in altitude to be a successful place to grow coffee.

Pablo’s initial coffee production in the year 2000 paid no attention to quality, but that changed in 2011 when his attention turned toward specialty coffee. This shift toward details regarding fermentation, processing, and varietals became the catalyst for the farm that we are still seeing the fruit of today.

The initial plantings of specialty coffee were caturra and gesha. In subsequent plantings he has introduced new varieties such as Yellow Bourbon and Maracaturra that have further diversified his farms production.

Pablo is an architect by trade and he farms like one. He is meticulous, scrutinizing, and innovative. Always trying to control and improve each aspect of his production down to the smallest detail. Recently he finished his dry mill which closes the loop of his production and allows him to control every aspect from start to finish. This attention to detail comes through in his coffee each year. There is remarkable consistency and quality that is unparalleled from each of his harvests, which is why we hold Pablo in such high esteem. The announcement of his winning of the 2021 Colombia Cup of Excellence came as no surprise to us at Blanchard’s. We are proud to partner with him and we are so excited to see his coffees win the respect they deserve.


Nariño, Colombia






El Obraje


Pablo Guerrero