El Salvador

Finca El Ocote

$ 14.75

White Grape, Macadamia Nut, Jasmine

Farmer: Ever Sosa
Farm: Finca El Ocote
Origin: Chalatenango Region
Varietals: Pacas Varietal
Altitude: 1850m
Process: Honey Process

Coffee Story
Brewing Notes

 Finca El Ocote is situated in the Chalatenango region of North-Central El Salvador, nestled against the Southwest border of Honduras. The Chalatenango region is one of nine isolated regions throughout El Salvador with notable specialty coffee productions. El Salvador's coffee production is inherently small due to the size of the country itself, and traditionally coffee output has consisted of regional blenders to maximize lot sizes available to the market. Lately, however, more single farm microlots have become available as farm owners find better sales opportunities for isolated varietals and process methods. Finca El Ocote owner, Ever Sosa, has maximized diversity on his 1.5 manzana farm, growing Bourbon, Pacamara, Pacas, and even Geisha varietals. This offering features the Pacas varietal paired with the honey process leading to a buttery smooth coffee with a subtle, clean sweetness and a macadamia nut texture.

Rich-bodied coffees like this El Salvadoran are versatile and can be brewed with a number of different brew methods, from an traditional home coffee maker, to a French Press, to your favorite hand pour method.