El Triunfo

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Coffee Story
I hadn’t spent any quality time with Mexican coffees until last year, when our Morris Street location had a coffee menu exclusively made up of Mexican coffees. We had four on the roster, plus an international roaster we featured from Mexico called Buna.  The lineup boasted an incredible range of flavors, most of which I’d never experienced in coffees from this origin. I came off that menu with one big takeaway – forget what you thought you knew. When our lots from Mexico arrived, I was pumped.

El Triunfo hails from Chiapas in Mexico, farmed by 2021 Mexico's Cup of Excellence winner Pepe Arguello. Finca Santa Cruz is a small but mighty farm, where Pepe is committed to precision at each level of processing. He is measuring sugar content to inform harvesting, tracking pH during fermentation, and pushing experimentation. Pepe is driven by quality and excellence, and it shows in the cup. It is bursting with red and yellow stone fruit, while maintaining red florals, and a buttery body. The Triunfo Natural is a dynamic cup of coffee with juicy acidity and savory undertones. 

Coffees from Mexico have quickly become a staff favorite origin. Specialty coffee in Mexico is slowly starting to catch, and the hope is that the stigma surrounding the quality of coffee out of this region falls away. There is no doubt about it, this coffee is something special.


Chiapas, Mexico


Community Farms




1700 masl