El Zacatin Pink Bourbon Washed

$ 20.50
Tasting Notes

Green Apple


White Florals

Coffee Story
This is our third year featuring coffee from Eduardo Fernando-Restrepo’s farm, El Zacatin. Eduardo has spent the better part of the last decade acquiring seedlings and grafts from local farmers and merchants, trading knowledge and resources with his neighbors, and selling his specialty coffees in local markets and auctions. Each year we try his offerings and pick a few of our favorites to offer in our lineup. One of the coffees that jumped out at us this year was the washed process Pink Bourbon. We’ve purchased the naturally processed Pink Bourbon in the past, but this year it was the crystal clear acidity and clean aftertaste of this that caught our attention. While we love their dynamic natural processed coffees, we thought this would fit great in our winter lineup of cozy coffees. This coffee shines with a complex acidity of Green Apple and Plum, with a lingering aftertaste of White Florals.


Antioquia, Colombia


Eduardo Fernando-Restrepo


El Zacatin






Pink Bourbon