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Espresso Box Set

Rosedale · Bear Trap · Obraje
$ 35.00

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Bear Trap, Finca El Obraje, Rosedale

There are a lot of common misconceptions about espresso, so lets set the record straight. Espresso is a brewing method, not a type of coffee or roast. There is no such thing as a specific espresso bean, in fact, any coffee and any roast can be prepared as espresso. What type of espresso you prefer, obviously, is up to personal taste.

The term espresso is an Italian word derived from esprimere which means to “express” or push out. This basically describes the espresso brewing technique—hot water, under pressure, forced quickly through finely ground coffee, typically using a 1:2 ratio of coffee to water. A common espresso serving would use 18g of ground espresso to yield 36-40ml of espresso. Specialized equipment that can produce the pressure and temperature conditions specific to the espresso brewing method is generally required to produce a true espresso, which makes it less common in most households, but the number of home baristas is growing steadily. In addition to our coffee shop clients, our coffees geared toward espresso are designed to produce extractions that are excellent as both a straight espresso, or in milk based drinks.


Bear Trap
Blanchard’s house espresso—a blend designed to please most palates, whether as a stand-alone espresso, or mixed with milk. The blend highlights familiar coffee attributes like chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar. The body is rich without getting smoky and has a clean, sweet, silky finish.

Finca El Obraje, Colombia
It is important to note that any coffee can be prepared as espresso, but some are definitely better than others. Single origin coffees can often be an exciting way to highlight and intensify flavors of a specific farm or region. The Colombia El Obraje makes an excellent gateway to exploring single origin espressos. The coffee has a natural brown sugar sweetness and raisiny body that, when brewed as espresso, make in incredibly sweet and viscous, with a nice dried-fruit acidity.

Blanchard’s premier espresso blend. We designed this blend to make an exceptional batch brew coffee, as well as an equally exceptional espresso. Bright, floral, and luscious fruit notes pair with rich, sweet undertones to produce an espresso that is almost candy-like. This espresso still pairs nicely with milk based drinks, as the intense sweetness blends with the fattiness of the milk, making the drinks you create almost dessert-like.