El Camilo

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Coffee Story

Starting his coffee producing career in 1985, John Jairo Rojas inherited his first farm from his father and began his lifelong coffee journey at the young age of 15 years old. With only 500 trees to start with, he dedicated himself to gaining knowledge through the help of his father and worked constantly to maintain and improve the quality and quantity of their plants. After marrying his wife, Sonia Granados, the farm had grown from 500 to 4,000 coffee trees by 1998. Naming the family farm after their first child, Camilo, the Rojas-Granados family now has 18,000 gorgeous trees on their plantation and hope to continue their terrific success for many years to come. This honey process coffee is grown at 1,900 meters above sea level, giving it an abundance of complexity through its notes of cane sugar, fig, lemon, marshmallow and marzipan. We received this offering through our friends at Paisa Coffee and hope to pass along the joy of great coffee and good people.


Amaga, Antioquia Colombia


John Jairo Rojas


Finca El Camilo


1800 - 1900masl




Red Castillo and Cenicafe 1

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Honestly, it's the perfect amount of coffee for the week. Sure 12oz bags are the industry standard, but it just isn't enough. Between morning cups and afternoon iced coffees, 12oz bags just don't cut it. Especially if there is more than one coffee drinker in the house. Enjoy fresh coffee all week long when you order a 2.5lb bag.