Finca Las Chachajinas

Toffee  ·  Cashew  ·  Pear
$ 13.43


Farmer: Juan Pablo Simón Velásquez
Farm: Las Chachajinas
Origin: Colotenango Region, Huehuetenango
Varieties: Pache, Bourbon
Altitude: 1950masl
Process: Washed Process

Coffee Story
Brewing Notes

Juan Pablo Simón Velásquez owns and operates the modest Las Chachajinas farm in Northwestern Guatemala. Desirable Bourbon and Pache coffee varities are planted on roughly half of the nineteen manzana farm. Coffee is hand harvested and immediately pulped to begin the washed process. After 18-24 hours, the coffee is washed and set to dry on patios. The resulting coffee is a very balanced, sweet, pleasant coffee typical of the renowned Huehuetenango region.

The Las Chachajinas is an exceptionally drinkable coffee no matter what brew method is used. Automatic drip coffee makers work well with this coffee, while hand pour methods like Hario V60, Chemex, and Kalita Wave will bring out even more complexity of flavor.