Finca Los Duraznos

Cola  ·  Nougat  ·  Peach Jam
$ 12.79


Farmer: Don Armando Ventura
Farm: Los Duraznos
Origin: Rio Belen, San Marcos, Ocotepeque
Varieties: Parainema, Icatu 
Altitude: 1655masl
Process: Washed Process

Coffee Story
Brewing Notes

Finca Los Duraznos (The Peaches) is located in far Western Honduras, nestled against the boarders of Guatemala and El Salvador. The farm is owned and operated by Armando Ventura, while his uncle runs a coffee roaster and cafe nearby.

The Blanchard's team was able to cup coffees from the Los Duraznos farm in May of 2018 during a sourcing trip. The team found the coffees to have a lush stone fruit character (fitting, based on the name of the farm) and rich body. This harvest was the first freely available to the US market in years and we were able to contract the entire production.

The Honduras Finca Los Duraznos is an exceptionally drinkable coffee no matter what brew method is used, however hand pour methods like Hario V60, and Kalita Wave will bring out even more vibrant acidity and complexity of flavor.