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Froilan Severo

Toasted Marshmallow · Lemon Cookie · Honey
$ 15.75
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Peruvian coffees are not new to us, but we find ourselves responding to them every year as though they are some missing piece we’ve been looking for. This was certainly true for the two small producer lots we purchased from Red Fox this year. 

Our second release comes from farmer Froilan Severo in the Sandia Valley province of Puno, Peru. The Puno region produces some of Peru’s most sought after coffees especially as production dwindles year after year. Many farmers in the area have transitioned their production to coca, either by coercion or frustration with the volatile price of coffee. Red Fox works closely in the local market to ensure farmers are receiving the prices they deserve for the incredibly unique coffees they are producing. This washed lot from Froilan Severo is representative of the area with its deep confectionary and honeysuckle sweetness.


Froilan Severo


Finca Mangos


Sandia Valley, Puno


Caturra, Typica, and Bourbon