Gutierrez Family Red Honey Gesha

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Tasting Notes

Wild Onions


Orange Blossom

Coffee Story

I can’t remember if I have ever put a warning on a coffee, but I am putting a warning on this coffee. It is not reminiscent of any coffee you have ever had. It is weird. More likely than not you will think a majority of the profile tastes like onions, so, don’t buy it! However, if you are still reading and interested, this coffee may be for you. It is delicate and complex with notes we don’t usually find in coffee. Wild onions, blood orange, hibiscus, and chamomile round out a truly unique cup of coffee that I love and I’m excited to be releasing to all of you. 

This is our third time purchasing Gesha from the Gutierrez family, but our first time purchasing their red honey process. We chose this lot because of its unique profile, but the consistency and cleanliness delivers like all of our previous lots from this legacy coffee family. 

The Gutierrez family at Finca Monteverde really, really like coffee. Gildardo and his wife Miralba inherited the farm nearly 40 years ago. Today, they run Finca Monteverde with their three adult children who are now the fifth generation of Gutierrez family coffee producers: Johan, who assists with production and administration; Newerley, the commercial director and Q grader; and Katerinne, also Q certified and runs the marketing and sales for the farm. The Gutierrez children began encouraging their parents to plant more exotic varieties back in 2013 and the operation has grown significantly, building on the knowledge their family has gained from generations on the farm with modern processes and varieties. The coffee is harvested with meticulous attention to ripeness by the Gutierrezes with the help of a nearby indiginous community, the Nasa Wesx tribe.


Tolima, Colombia


Gildaro Gutierrez and Miralba Falla


Finca Monteverde




Red Honey



Why 2.5lb Bags?

Honestly, it's the perfect amount of coffee for the week. Sure 12oz bags are the industry standard, but it just isn't enough. Between morning cups and afternoon iced coffees, 12oz bags just don't cut it. Especially if there is more than one coffee drinker in the house. Enjoy fresh coffee all week long when you order a 2.5lb bag.