Handege AA

$ 18.25
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Black Tea

Coffee Story

We’re very excited to share our first Kenyan coffee of 2022. The majority of coffee in Kenya comes from small shareholders that sell their coffee cherries to local washing stations. This allows producers to get money for their coffee sooner without having to worry about the infrastructure involved with pulping and washing their coffee. At the washing station, cherries are first sorted for quality, then pulped to remove the fruit from the coffee seeds that are then sorted again and separated by size. Kenya’s classification system (AA, AB etc.) indicates sorted coffee seed size and generally correlates with quality. This sorting and consolidating process allows for a consistent final product that is representative of the mill cooperative’s members as a whole.

The Handege AA is a fruit-forward, heavy-bodied, full-send coffee from Kenya. Kenyan coffees are known for their distinct flavors and medium-high acidity and luxurious mouthfeel. They are also known for having flavor notes that stand on the boundary of fruity and vegetal. While Kenya has a reputation for producing some extremely high quality coffees, the flavors aren’t always what the average coffee drinker expects. I find these coffees extremely exciting. When the flavors, acidity, and mouthfeel are balanced just right, it creates a very dynamic yet balanced cup of coffee and that’s exactly what we have with this coffee from the Handege washing station.

This coffee brings big notes of Peach, Blackberry, and Lemon.


Kiambu, Kenya


Small Shareholders




1600 - 1800 m


Washed 72-hour fermentation


SL 28, SL 34, Batian, Ruiri