Kanzu Lot #18

$ 17.15
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Coffee Story

I find myself talking about “logistics” in day to day conversation much more regularly than I used to. All of us are. This global shipping crisis is affecting everything, and this coffee is a great example of how difficult it is to move something across the world at this moment.

This coffee from the Kanzu washing station in the Nyamesheke region of Rwanda has been on its way to us since the fall of 2021. Limited container availability, canceled shipping lines, rerouting through Asia, port congestion, are a few of the factors that delay these shipments. Longer shipping times open more opportunities for canceled bookings and missed connections. This is no one’s fault. It is just the reality of this moment, and our partners are doing everything in their power to navigate it. 

With all of these delays and months passing you worry about the coffee. It likes to sit, but it has a shelf life. It occurred to me that the coffee I tasted in 2021 may not show up, but I was so relieved last week when I got to taste the arrival samples for our Rwanda lots. They are beautiful, and they taste just like I remember. 

The second and final of our Rwanda releases is this washed Bourbon Variety Lot #18. It starts with delicate fruit notes but continues into a deep sweetness filled with baking spices and sugar. Chuggability 10/10.






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Why 2.5lb Bags?

Honestly, it's the perfect amount of coffee for the week. Sure 12oz bags are the industry standard, but it just isn't enough. Between morning cups and afternoon iced coffees, 12oz bags just don't cut it. Especially if there is more than one coffee drinker in the house. Enjoy fresh coffee all week long when you order a 2.5lb bag.