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La Cordillera

White Grape · Honeysuckle · Green Apple
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We are always looking for opportunities to work with Paisa Coffee. So this spring when our single origin offerings started thinning out and our newly contracted coffee seemed indefinitely delayed at origin, we called Yolima Rojas. In addition to her family’s farm, Finca La Vega, Yolima recommended a neighboring farm, Finca La Cordillera. 

We are fortunate right now to find silver linings like unexpectedly working with producers such as the Montoya Ortega family. La Cordillera’s flavor is fresh but familiar. The body and acidity like green apples give it the washed Colombian profile we were hoping for, but it is the subtle, sweet floral quality, like finding the right honeysuckle, that makes this coffee exactly what we needed.


Montoya Ortega Family


Finca La Cordillera


Amaga, Antioquia Colombia


Castillo Rosario